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Popular Photography Techniques for Amateur Wellington Photographers

Wellington, like most capitial cities in the world, has a thriving artistic community. There are numerous organistions and businesses in Wellington that are devoted to the arts; from digital media to photography. 

Every professional photographer was once an amateur driven by the desire to find out more about photography and to perfect their skills. Here is an outline of the most popular photography techniques for beginners: 

1. Light Painting

The technique of light painting has become increasingly popular amongst amateur photographers over the past decade, mainly because it is extremely versatile and the creative possibilities are endless. 

Every amateur can create stunningly beautiful pictures without too much effort. Simply put, the light painting technique is basically a form of long exposure technique that relies on out-of-frame light sources in order to create different patterns. 

Light painting is commonly used by modern artists, and the reason why the technique is named this way is because it truly is a form of painting: the sole difference is that instead of using colours, the artist uses different light sources, from LEDs and flashlights to fluorescent gels, bracelets, fiber optics, candles or light pens.

Just like any other long-exposure photography technique, light painting does involve the use of a tripod along with a remote shutter release. Ideally, the shooting location should be as dark as possible, in order for the contrast between the light source and the dark background to be very strong. 

2. Long Exposure Photography 

Another great photography technique for beginners who want to perfect their shooting skills is long exposure photography, given the dramatic effects that every artist can create with it. Cameras have evolved greatly over the years, and most digital cameras make long exposure photography easy and pleasant – every amateur can be a professional for a few minutes, as the digital camera eliminates all the guesswork from the equation. 

What makes long exposure so special is the fact that exposure for extended periods of time can give a smooth, ghostly image, especially when applied to moving objects such as cars, waterfalls or even clouds. 

There are two sub-techniques that apply to long exposure photography: you can use a polarising filter or a neutral density filter, for added effect. Regardless of your choice, it is important to use a tripod, as holding the camera in your hand for 30 seconds or more can result in shaky and blurry images. 

3. Panoramic Photography 

Another great photography technique for beginners is panoramic photography. What once used to be a long and tedious process has become a fast and incredibly beautiful one, as everybody can shoot in panoramic mode with the click of a button. 

Panoramic photos are basically multiple shots of a single scene that have been “stitched” together, in order to form a continuous image. Those who want to get the best of the panoramic photography technique should consider using wide angle lens, as it will allow the photographer to create a wider field of view. Just as with long exposure and light painting, panoramic photography also requires you to use a sturdy tripod as well as a remote shutter release.

If these tips have encouraged you to develop your passion for photography why not contact a professional photographer in Wellington for further advice. Photographers are always in demand, particularly if you have experience in wedding photography. 

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